Junan undo and kokyuho are the foundation of all taijutsu and thus it is important to practice them every day.” – SokeMany teachers of martial. JUNAN TAISO creates force, flexibility and health, even in high age. During the exercises one should observe, if and how they are interacting. Junan Taiso is a form of yoga used in Ninjustu to develop flexibility and coordination of the whole body and individual body parts. It utilizes dynamic flexibil.

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Then deepen the stretch very gradually. Breath slowly three times then return to the fully prone position. In ancient tales, there is a story about ninja who sowed hemp seeds, and leaped over it every day, even when it had grown to full length. The Mystery of Kuji Kiri Revealed. Turn the toes individually or in pairs twenty times each, both clockwise, and counterclockwise.

Junan Taiso Stretching Tips

Morning is a good time to stretch as it helps you prepare for your day and get your circulation going. A true stretching regimen should be done at a time when you can focus solely on the experience, giving each pose up to a minute or more junsn dedicated attention. Palms should be facing down with fingers pointing to the toes.

Those familiar with early videos and photos call how remarkably flexible Soke was even in his 50s and 60s, and this suppleness has continued into his 80s.

As a result, the practitioner of yoga develops a calm reaction to stressful situations. First look at the current state of your body in terms of flexibility and relaxation.

If you force the stretch until you are actually in pain mild, or otherwiseyou risk injury that could take a while to recover from. I would like to share a stretching and relaxation routine that was taught to me that you can then take and use for yourself. For taijutsuit is primarily important that the body is soft and elastic. Evening is also very beneficial because you will not be putting any additional demands on your muscles, so you can stretch them to the fullest and then give them a chance to recover before the following day.


Taijutsu is something that permeates the body and makes it so strong that it can not lose to anything.

Rotate the shoulders forward and back ten times. Clasp the hands together and rotate them in a figure eight in both directions ten times each. Rotation of the big toe and the ankle joints and keeping the spine erect, are further ways to help increase the energy flow in the body. I’m busy working on my blog posts.

Without going into excessive detail, the key point to remember when stretching is to breathe fluidly, deeply and slowly. While lying face down bend legs backward and catch the ankles with the hands. Once I have finished this, I am ready to go.

Also bend the toes forward and backward, so as maintain the flexibility of the foot. By starting the day with a proper diet, and practicing a fixed routine of preparatory exercises to gain an ability to move as smooth and elastic as possible. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

From a seated position, place the right leg junqn front of the body as is sitting in a cross-legged position. Janushirasana the chin to the knee. For added resistance raise one leg then alternate. Soke has advised Bujinkan students to give certain areas of the body special attention. All Junan Taiso and Yoga exercises should be performed with a relaxed body and emphasis on proper breathing to be fully effective.

August 20, at 6: However, in many yoga traditions, meditation and deep breathing is done after the stretching. With the ankles linked, bring light pressure upon the knees straitening the legs. Sit in Seiza No Kamae and spread the knees and feet.


Junan Taiso Conditioning

Teaching – Predictable V. The only thing touching the floor is the abdomen and pelvic area.

In virtually all yogic postures, including those found in the junan taisoyou should breathe out as you lean into the stretch. First I focus my awareness on all of the key joints such as my knees, elbows, wrists, and hips, making sure these are nice and limber. A witty reaction must occur spontaneously. These exercises speed recovery time and overall agility by strengthening core muscles.

Junan Taiso Conditioning | Ninja Self Defense

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Lie back with the arms straight over the head and breath. Without bending the knees, reach and touch the toes ten times. While lying on the floor face up, place the hands on the floor palms down near the head, with the fingers facing the feet. Repeat also with the toes of the other leg.

When the mind is relaxed, reactions times are quicker and more efficient. Sustain the whole body with two hands while forearms are vertical. This may be for a number of reasons, such as they feel it is a simple thing anyone can undertake independently, or perhaps because they have not had adequate instruction on the subject themselves.

This will increase energy flow to the body, decrease the likelihood of sprains, and facilitate good footwork. The foundation of junan taiso is found in East Indian yoga, which undoubtedly traveled to Japan via China during the period when there was such abundant cultural exchange.